The family reunited with their lovely Shepherd puppy, who returned home due to the special connection with the baby


She was less than one year old when one day she jumped out of the backyard and disappeared. Her name is Luna.

The dog was rescued by the youngest member of their family. There is an amazingly close connection between this two that stunned everyone. So let’s get started.

They searched for a long time, but couldn’t find her. They turned to Sandra Colston, a specialist in lost animals. So they started to do anything that’s possible.

At first they set a trap, where they put clothes of their family members, thinking that the dog would smell the familiar smell and would come in that direction. But they did not succeed. The family was most worried about the fact that their dog was very beautiful and young, which is ideal for dog thieves.

But, fortunately, one of the cameras recorded the dog in one of the nearby streets. Soon as they found him, he got scarred and immediately disappeared again.

Not only did the dog named Luna not respond to his name but he also quickly disappeared.

That week passed, and they set off again. Mayers, their little daughter,and baby boy Bowen who was 6 months old, got into the truck and the others walked around the area.

As they prepared to leave that area, the baby began to cry. Then he started shouting. And at that moment a miracle happened that no one expected.

The dog suddenly came out of her hiding place, as if wanting to see who had offended her little friend.

He was finally caught and taken back home. The big family has finally reunited again.

Naughty Luna has once again become an active dog who understands that it is better to live in a warm and caring family than to run alone in the cold streets.

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