The little kitten wants to become friends with anyone she meets and attract their attention in any way


This cat was taken to a very huge shelter in Poland. Kitty felt very lonely and needed at least a temporary roof. Fortunately, he met a very kind woman, Magdalena Jawinska. Baby was named Andrzej. Family members could not have imagined how much joy the cat had brought with it.

At first he was ashamed of everyone, but slowly he captured everyone’s hearts.

He was the first to meet Malayka. She seemed to play the role of a caring mother for the cat. He licked her and she fell asleep.

Shortly after Andrzej, they adopted another baby, Dressy.

The puppy was a little shy, but the cat did everything he could to make him to be integrated it into his new home.

The puppy was even afraid of the cat at first, but he did not give up. The cat began to chase after the puppy.

Eventually, the dog realized that he could befriend Andrzej, and he just wanted to play with her.

This little cat adores all the new members and is ready to spend the whole day with them and play non-stop.

You should see her joy when another new member comes home.

Andrzej has grown quite a bit and it’s already the time to look for a permanent home for baby.

He is so good and friendly that his new eternal family was found prompt;y, so he had to say goodbye to all his friends there, but on the condition of visiting them.

He also has many new friends in his new family. The cat follows all the members of the family like a shadow.

It is his nature to communicate and make friends with everyone.

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