Two horses were so confused learning to swim for the first time, but after some time they started having fun


Do you know that horses are able swim ?

It actually helps them on hot days.It is also considered to be one of the best exercises for them.

Tey are great swimmers, but sometimes they can react differently to water. Sometimes it is quite difficult for them at first.

These 2 young babies are trying to enter the water for the first time. When they overcome their fears, they will tend to already enjoy being in the water.

The trainer introduces their 2 little horses to water for the first time. Each time the woman takes them to a nearby lake, which is equipped with a boatramp, which helps to step by step enter the water.

When they first enter the water slowly, the horses are very confused and do not understand what to do with the water. Should they drink it?

So gradually, as they go a little deeper, they begin to dip their paws into the water. It certainly differs from dry soil and it seems like an unusual phenomenon.

So they hesitate, still a little nervous and tense, to follow their coach. One of the horses even tries to go back to shore. Gently, the coach continues to push them deeper.

The brave horse started to overcome his fears. That also satisfies the coach. The shy horse follows how the camera captures them.

Eventually, he also starts to do some steps forward and the trainer tries to climb on the horse’s back.

It seemed a bit too much for him, so he started going back to the seemingly less watery area.

It seems that they are already beginning to understand what is happening and soon they will overcome their fears and swim freely.

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