The famous judge named Judy left the dog to decide who his real owner was


This is Judge Judy, who is known for being an absurd TV judge. She makes decisions on small lawsuits in front of an audience, and also that shows are televised.

The judge recently had a case in which two different people claimed that the dog was theirs. One woman claimed that it was her dog, the man also.

The lady took out the notes made by the veterinarian to try to convince the judge that she was the legal owner of the dog. However, the judge informed him that those documents do not prove that the dog is hers.

Judge Judy and Dog

Judy then asked the woman to keep the dog so that the dog could leave the courtroom. The woman held the dog until the judge told her to put the dog on the ground. And so they did. When the dog was put on the ground, he immediately ran to the accused and jumped on him. Thus, the dog has chosen who is its real owner.

After this scene, no one was interested in any evidence or documents anymore. Seeing the strong bond between the man and the dog, Judge immediately stated that she knew that the man was the real owner of the dog. The audience was so excited. The man was crying and the dog was still cuddling and rejoicing.

If you are a fan of Judge Judy, the story of this precious dog will definitely make you happy and give you a positive charge.

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