The dog constantly warned his parents about the terrible babysitter, who turned out behaved horribly with their son


It is not wrong to say that dogs are really human’s best friend. They are very loyal and kind. They have an unusual ability to see the true nature of a person.

They can understand before us whether the other person is good or not. Therefore, we should always trust the opinion of our dogs and do as they suggest to avoid further problems.

When the couple Hope and Benjamin moved to Charleston, they were looking for a babysitter for their young son, named Finn. They took all the appropriate steps, and finally it seemed that they had found the right person for their son.

At first everything seemed to be going well. But soon Benjamin and Hope noticed that their dog’s attitude towards the nanny was starting to change somewhat. Benjamin told that he started to stand between him and their son, and then gradually became aggressive, when they came home.

In fact, Killian was a very calm dog, so her aggressive behavior surprised and upset her parents. The dog wanted to explain to his parents that something was wrong.

So eventually the couple decided to put a recorder under the sofa and to record everything when they were not at home. Later that day, the couple listened to the recording for about seven and a half hours and were simply shocked. It sounded like a real nightmare.

The boy was crying all the time. The nanny started cursing him, saying horrible names to the innocent child.

The couple was shocked that they trusted this monster to look after their baby for more than 5 months. A few weeks later, the city police arrested the nanny, who was initially found to have a past full of antiquities.

They understood from the recording that the nanny was also hitting the child. The horrible nanny is now facing 1-3 years in prison.

Only due to Killian’s defensive instinct was all this revealed. Who knows how much violence would have ensued if Killian had not warned them.

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