This dog who was born deaf and blind, and also has a very unique color, growing up started to help people


This little dog was different from other dogs of its breed. He was born pink. Also deaf and blind.

But these obstacles did not prevent him from communicating with different people, and animals.

The little baby had a very unusual gene, thanks to which he was born with a unique pink color.

And besides, it was also the reason for his deafness and blindness.

Fortunately, activists of animal rights rescued him at the right time.

He weighed only 680 grams at the time. Then he was named Piglet.

The people who temporarily cared for him loved and admired him so much that they decided to adopt him.

Piglet likes to be petted and also enjoys playing with other dogs.

The pet has become a real star in one of the schools in Massachusetts.

They told about him in many classes, and students are taught the rules of proper treatment of pets.

He is a good example for all to appreciate the work done by others and to give mutual love.

The money collected from the sale of his pictures is also sent to charity.

The sweet dog participates in various conferences and meetings.

An excellent pet also encourages the adoption of animals with special needs.

The touching story of a Piglet teaches to always fight, never give up, and to overcome any obstacle in life.

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