He captured a lot of hearts with his adorable smile and the cute baby finally found his eternal home


During the time different stereotypes have been created among people about certain breeds of dogs.

And of course these do not correspond to reality. There is an amazing company for dogs named ‘All dogs matter. It’s located in London.

‘The participants of the company “All dogs matter” were all involved when Sibyl, Staffordshire girl, came here.

Sibyl, formerly known as Lily, joined this rescue center after being rescued by a kind volunteer.

Despite many stereotypes about his breed, he soon won the hearts of all workers. Everyone adored him.

One day one of them could not stand it anymore, and he decided to share a photo of the dog on his Twitter page.

And in just a few minutes, the shelter was filled with loving messages about the dog. Some even applied to adopt him.

So in recent days, Frankie Murphy was ready to become the new family of the dog. As soon as he saw Sibyl smiling, he simply could not bear it.

He and his family immediately fell in love with the dog.

At first the new family spent several days with Sibyl until they were convinced they were fit to live together and took the baby home.

The sweet doggie immediately adapted to his new home and felt very happy.

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