The volunteers rescued the little tiger at the edge of death, found a best friend for life


The Wildcat Sanctuary is a rescue organization created for animals that now has more than 100 animals under its care.

A few months ago, they heard of two tigers and lions trapped in a backyard in Indiana Village after their owner’s death.

The volunteers learned that the wild animals were being exploited and sold for profit.

When they arrived here, they were shocked to see the newborn tiger cub.

He had not even opened his eyes yet and the baby’s survival was in danger.

Fortunately, they rescued the animals and took to the shelter, but the staff knew they had to work harder to rescue the cub, which was very weak.

He was called Dash. For the first few weeks, the baby cried and cried all day long.

He was later presented with a beautiful toy in the form of a tiger, which stabilized his condition and his feelings.

Gradually, his condition began to improve. After some time he became quite strong and active.

We are so happy that Dash turns from a terrified baby into a big boy in just a few weeks.

He already looks like a completely different tiger and has changed a lot.

We are very grateful to all the employees, who do everything to make him become fully healthy and calm.

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