The kind girl adopted to adopt the most undesirable can in shelter, who also felt as lonely as her


A girl named Molly was about to graduate. She had constant stress attacks, which became increasingly difficult to fight. And finally she made a decision.

Molly decided to adopt from the shelter a cat that seemed to everyone to be undesirable, feeling as lonely and sad as she did.

hSe chose nine-year-old Otti because this baby seemed so unique and beautiful to her that he looked like a sad seal.

The cat was really considered the most unfortunate animal in the shelter, because for a long time no one wanted to take it home.

He used to have an owner, but his owner took the pet to a shelter after noticing that he had health problems.

The man could not afford to pay for the cat’s treatment, so he transferred him rescue association for cats.

Here the cat was operated on, removing both its ears. After that, the cat was completely deaf.

Nobody in the shelter even looked at him, they did not even think about taking him home. he seemed to everyone to be something very strange.

But then, when this kind girl took him in her arms, he simply melted into the girl’s arms, not believing that someone had finally noticed him.

After all, this girl was the only one in a few years who wanted to adopt and take care of Otti. It turned out that the cat is actually a very caring and kind-hearted pet.

He follows Molly everywhere, calms her down with her presence and helps her to overcome the anxiety.

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