You will absolutely start laughing out loud seeing the first meeting of the daddy and his daughter bulldog


The dog named Toser, as you see hear, has just become a father, but he has not yet met his pup.

Here you can see how he meets his daughter. But in reality, not everything happened as clearly as you can imagine.

Here, the father bulldog wakes up and meets his little daughter, whom he has not met yet. When he imagines a bone in his mind, but he suddenly sees his baby.

He thinks about what this is and starts to smell it. The inconvenience between the two during the first meeting is something that is really funny.

Some facial expressions of a dog’s father will make you laugh a lot.

It is obvious that the same emotions were experienced by the people who were recording this whole process, because they were laughing so loud that it seemed as if they could not breathe anymore. Finally, a stubborn dad gets tired of playing, and look what happens next.

We can say that this is like any father who wants to play with his daughter, but has absolutely no idea how to do it.

“I can not play with him rudely, he is my baby. Oh wait, he barks at me. What to do? I wish her mom was here now to help. Hmm, she’s going to get the same wrinkles as me”. Just imagine the mess in his head.

The video of this father and daughter will make you laugh out loud. Let’s hope that everything will be better for them later.

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