This awesome dog almost 12 years walked 4 miles every day, just to say ‘hello’ all the passer-by


Dogs are the most wonderful creatures in nature. They seem to be designed to fill our lives with bright colors and keep us warm.

Even after going through many hardships, all they have in their hearts is love and kindness, which they want to give to all the people they meet.

They are unselfishly devoted and are always ready to give us full love and warmth, regardless of our mood and attitude.

This wonderful dog named Bruno spent the previous 12 years of his life on the street and walking 4 km every day, he went to greet everyone.

Bruno,the Wandering canine began traveling to Long ville, Minnesota when he was still very young.

The dog was rescued from the streets by Larry Lovell after a passerby misinterpreted him for Larry’s dogs 12 years ago, so he decided to bring him home and keep him.

It was natural that the dog would not get used to his new life so quickly, as he loved to travel, although Larry tried to “chain” him.

He had to get used to it, so that people would call him, saying that they had actually found his dog, just to tell them that he was a “stray”.

He also has to get used to the little confusion when Larry, of course, just tells the person on the other end of the line to leave.

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