The couple, rescuing the dog from a stray life, just falls in love with him and decides to make him their family member


A dog named Flint was found in an extremely dangerous situation, who was rescued by a kind Samaritan.

Fortunately for this poor pitbull, he was rescued in time and continued to find a permanent home with his savior.

His new family shared a story about their beloved dog and how they came to the rescue of Flint, how he became a precious member of their family.

The owner says that his fiancée went to work one morning, and in less than 5 minutes she called him.

She told that sshe met this poor dog in the middle of the street, who was about to be hit by one or two cars.

She did not seem to be able to remain indifferent to this poor dog. She just could not allow him to die.

So they took him home and bathed him, which had hundreds of fleas on it.

It is clear that he would be hungry and they bought a large box of dog food from a nearby convenience store and fed him.

He was then taken to a veterinarian for a thorough examination and to receive some medication.

It turned out that he had worms and needed to be treated accordingly.

Now all the bad things are in the past and he has become the most beloved member of their family.

Flint is a wonderful and very successful dog, it is obvious that his new family adores him.

This is how this wonderful dog was saved and now he lives a happy life with his beloved and caring family, who do everything for him.

He is now fully adapted to his new life and family. It just could not have been better.

Our hero is finally happy and enjoying his life fully in his eternal home, surrounded by care and boundless love.

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