93-year-old navy veteran decided to adopt 13-year-old German shepherd and saved his life on the exact time


This story tells about a beautiful white German shepherd ,who was rescued by a naval veteran.

This happened just a few days ago when an elderly dog was to be put to sleep in an Arizona shelter.

It’s unclear how a beautiful white dog could be treated like this when there are so many other options.

It is a pity to mention, but Sam was left by his family when he was 13 years old.

The dog was heartbroken by his family’s neglect and had no hope of being adopted anymore. However, fate had other good plans for Sam.

Fortunately, Sam caught the eye of rescuers in Orange County, so the veteran heard of the dog’s plight. All it took, was one phone call to save him.

George loved German shepherds, especially white ones. So when his beloved white German shepherd died, he turned to rescuers to see if they had a white shepherd he could adopt. They rememberes about Sam and told him him where he could find the dog.

It was so delightful when George said he wanted to pick up an old dog, so the volunteers drove to Arizona and took Sam to Orange County.

George was excited and said that this was what he needed,2”old dogs” together.

They informed him that Sam’s previous dog owner had raised Sam from an early age and then joined the Navy. Because he had no other choice, he was taken to a shelter.

As George was already a retired Navy veteran, he had no intention of disappointing Sam and promised to take care of him for the rest of his life.

George loves Sam so much and says he has never had a dog like him. … He’s so unique and special because he’s ”alive” and he likes to spend time with George.

It is true that Sam is old, yet he is obliged to take care of Sam as long as he stays here , on earth.

They are just wonderful friends and their lives are filled with warmth and love. They found each other at the exact time of their life.

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