Irresistibly cute 25-day-old Dachshund puppies offer us a glimpse into their day


Six adorable mini Dachshund puppies and their mother lay curled up in a whelping box full of soft fuzzy blankets. Can you imagine anything, cuter! Their tiny faces are the most adorable sight!

The first thing they do when they wake up is to go to the bathroom! The owner puts the pee pad inside a plastic drawer to contain the puppies one at a time (this is a genius move).

After everyone has had their turn to use the bathroom, it is time for some breakfast. It doesn’t look too appealing, but the puppies seem to love it. One puppy sticks its little foot in the pile of food and walks away.

The babies are eating it a little too slow for mom, so she finishes the plate (been there, done that).

They all start walking around the whelping box, shivering and whimpering. Five of them corner mom and convince her they need to nurse.

The sixth little pup approaches the woman with the camera and seems enamored with her red sweater. Mama dog is concerned that one of the babies is doing something else, so she wiggles toward her owner.

Finally, it is time to settle in again, and their cozy bed is remade with blankets and a pee pad. The ‘calm boy’ uses the bathroom on the pad like he is supposed to, and all doggies settle in for the night.

LouLou, the mom, rests her head outside the box and looks straight at the camera. Goodnight puppies, see you next time!

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