Cat with rare condition is so relieved when someone adopts him and his best friend


The funniest looking cat turns out to be one of the most loveable. His story shared with his best friend is moving.

Toby is a cat with a long face. Not because he’s sad, but because he has a rare feline disorder where his body does not properly produce collagen.

The video shows him eating up every crumb of affection that his humans can spare. But things weren’t always like that for our saggy-baggy little buddy.

Once upon a time, he was cowering in a shelter with another cat. They had both been taken off the street, but they weren’t used to people and they weren’t in the best of shape.

Toby’s saggy complexion and his obvious relationship with the other cat got the attention of a cat-loving couple who made the move to adopt them.

Copious amounts of love brought both cats out of their shells. Toby’s condition does require some special care, but it’s not an obstacle to him enjoying life with his new family.

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