Plucky Dachshund visits the beach to let off some steam


Greek vacations are a dream for most of us, but this cute dog has them every summer.

Spithas is living the good life! He is a young, plucky Dachshund that lives in Greece and gets to spend his holidays in the popular Greek islands. His humans love him and make sure he enjoys the sea and sun that Greece is so famous for.

Spithas spends all the year as the best doggo friend his humans could have: he barks diligently when there are strangers near the house, he chases away birds when he’s allowed in the yard, and he studiously buries all the bones he can there for a rainy day.

Spithas really wants to be a good boy, and it shows in the video his humans have made of him enjoying the Greek summer: he looks to them before he does anything, making sure to please them!

And please them he does, because he learns new tricks every day and enthusiastically plays with his humans.

In the beautiful seaside of Chalkidiki, one of the most popular tourist destinations of northern Greece, Spithas gets to have all the doggo fun he deserves!

He runs on the golden sun, he swims in the warm waters, and jumps from boats to his heart’s delight.

When finally he tires out from all the playing and the swimming, he lounges in the cool shade to regain energy and rush out to the beach once again because he is a very, very good boy, and he deserves all the sun and sea he can get.

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