Border Collie finds himself home alone, decides it’s pool day and fun


Dogs get so lonely when you have to leave them at home for quite a time. Of course, they get bored when they’re all by themselves. However, not this dog.

You are about to meet the internet’s new favorite, an energetic pup named Hamilton. He’s a fan of swimming and water in general, and now he’s about to have the time of his life.

Instead of being sad, he decides that the fact that he has the house to himself is an opportunity to have some fun! Also, he can finally get into the pool unsupervised!

So, he went on his merry way into the watery wonderland. He ran up to the edge, launched his body up in the air and down into the water. Splash!

He didn’t have time to waste. So, he quickly swam back up, shook the excess water off, and jumped again… and again… and again! It’s hard not to smile when you see him in such a rush.

He was enjoying the run and dive as much as the splash and swim. For a brief moment, until he hit the water, he was flying like a huge flappy bird!

Border Collies are extremely intelligent creatures, and clearly, they can keep themselves busy when left alone. Just be careful about fragile things around the house! And it’s best if you have a pool nearby.

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