Cute Labrador hilariously snitches on sister for stealing cookie


Harley and Loa are two black Labrador dogs who live with their loving and caring mom. The canine siblings are just like any other brother and sister. Sometimes they don’t get along well, and sometimes they tattle on each other.

According to Harley’s mother, he is intelligent and has a great personality. In addition, he is a good boy who is devoted to his mom.

However, as for Loa, she is an easy-going and affectionate one who loves her mom and big brother.

She learns only what she likes, such as belly rubs, which food bowl is hers. Loa loves to follow Harley and both of them look really cute together. The dogs share a great bond like any sibling.

This time the innocent dogs have found themselves in a problematic situation which is somewhat similar to when any human brother and sister would tattle on each other. One of the dogs had stolen a cookie.

However, their mother had discovered that the cookie was stolen from the countertop. So, she asks both of them to tell the truth because she wants them to do the right thing.

So, Harley being the big brother, tattles on his sister Loa without any hesitation. The question was repeated 3 times, and every single time he would put his paw on her sister’s head and tell his mom that it was her.

Meanwhile, the cute little girl looks at her mom with innocent puppy eyes and asks her to understand her situation. The reaction of the dogs was super cute and hilarious.

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