Cat brothers spend all their time together being hilarious and adorable


Toby and Mr. Mika are a fantastic pair of gorgeous Ragdoll cats living together with their human in the Netherlands. These cats can make you fall in love with them.

They have beautiful eyes, fluffy fur soft like silk, and a beautiful heart filled with love. Both the cats are different from each other and have been torchbearers in their own way to honor their late housemate Timo.

Mr. Mika is a gentle cat who is active and easy-going. He loves to learn new tricks and impress his owner. Tobi, on the other hand, likes to play rough. He wants to be a cuddle kitty and is a perfect mama’s boy.

Toby and Mr. Mika have bonded well since the beginning. In just 2 days, they had become inseparable. They would always play with each other and love to groom one another. They had become a perfect duo.

Toby likes to play with feathers and can’t get enough of it. Both the cats love to spend their free time chilling on the hammock. Toby is always around Mr. Mika like a big brother.

The cats also love spending their time near the Koi fishpond. They would spend hours with their fish friends. Mr. Mika would even kiss them and pat them on their head, but he makes sure to never use his nails.

Even the fish recognize him. The cats also like to move and jump around the house and climb the bonsai tree.

They do have small fights but are always together doing naughty things. The cats even share food. These Ragdoll cats are just like puppies, funny and intelligent.

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