Florida woman reunited with lost senior dog after 331 days


Lisa Raulerson owns a West Highland White Terrier dog named Sparky. Unfortunately, Lisa had lost her dog when she had accidentally kept the door open of her West Palm Beach house.

Lisa and her daughter were both very close to their dog and treated him like family. When they understood that they had lost their dog, they even frantically looked for Sparky everywhere.

For two weeks straight, the family kept on looking for their senior dog, who was 14-year-old and partially deaf. Lisa thinks as Sparky had partial deafness, it would be hard for him to have heard them.

The family had flyers distributed and even offered a reward for people who would help, but no one could locate Sparky. As a result, Lisa was now skeptical about ever finding her dog back.

However, one day while she was scrolling through an online social media page, she found a picture that looked just like his dog Sparky. The lost dog was found by Palm Beach animal control.

Sparky had been microchipped, but his information was not updated, and thus he was treated as a stray senior dog. Unfortunately, this meant that there was a risk that Sparky could be put down.

Sparky was lucky enough to be pulled out in time by a rescue organization called Sunshine State Westie Rescue.

Lisa called the shelter and confirmed that Sparky was indeed her dog.

Even the veterinarian who micro-chipped Sparky vouched for her Lisa, and Sparky was reunited after almost a year.

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