Adorable situation the man who raised her as a baby has a great hug with the lioness


A lioness is reunited with the guy who reared her as a youngster in an utterly charming scenario.

The kitty rushes to meet her old pal with a massive snuggle when she spots him enter her area.

The lioness is overjoyed to see the guy who used to look after her when she was a young cub and wrestles him to the ground, showering him with love and attention.

The lovely event was recorded on film, and it is really uplifting!

Kiara, named after the iconic Lion King figure, has been orphaned since she was a baby. Fortunately, she was saved by Adolfo, a kindhearted man.

The man took care of the defenseless lion and fed her bottle till she matured into an adult animal.

The lioness was then transferred to the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, a charity headquartered in Mexico City that specializes in big cat rescue.

Kiara is set to get an unexpected visit after being transferred to this rehabilitation clinic to receive professional care.

Her previous babysitter was missing her and decided to pay her a visit to check how she was doing.

But he had no idea that he would be greeted so warmly. Kiara ran up to Adolfo and leaped into his arms as soon as she saw him.

As she affectionately embraced her old human companion, the muscular feline pushed him to the ground.

Watch the lovely reunion, here!

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