In search of food, the polar bear travelled more than 500 km before being returned to the wild


Polar bears act in a frantic manner as a result of melting snow and a shortage of food.

In pursuit of food, this bear travelled almost 500 km from the Kara Sea to Norilsk.

She never particularly shown anger towards anyone. Fortunately, no one had the idea to shoot her because of this.

The animal was now captured and brought to the zoo. The she-bear will remain in this location while the veterinarians take care of her recuperation.

After all, the animal was worn out from such a forceful march.

Those who witnessed the bear observed that she had difficulties walking.

She stumbled from garbage can to trash can looking for nourishment.

The garbage she consumed badly harmed her intestinal function, the vets discovered.

The bear was first permitted to consume a small amount so as not to strain its digestive system.

However, the food was progressively given out more. The beast growls when approached by humans, according to the zoo officials. This is typical in concept. As a result, the bear is not anxious.

It will be put back in its original home after a wild animal’s body has been repaired.

We hope the bear may continue to feed properly and avoid coming into touch with humans as much as possible.

Better not to approach them, she should. Because anything may go wrong the next time.

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