How does the American woman, 29, who has 14 girls and hopes of having a son, live?


Texas is the home of 29-year-old Augustine Irera, a mother of several kids.

Her deepest desire is to have a son, but nature has different plans.

She currently has 14 daughters, including 3 sets of twins.

The wife is still holding out hope that she will give birth to the heir.

She wasn’t prepared for any pregnancy, the American said.

Unexpected things happened in every aspect. In her first marriage, Augustine encountered a number of “surprises”.

She gave birth to 4 daughters from this relationship.

Augustine’s first marriage was soon divorced, although she did not remain alone for very long.

Jose Irera is the husband after that. With him, she carries out her plan to grow her family in order to have a son.

The mother gave birth to two daughters within the first two years she shared a home with Jose.

They intended to halt there, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

The woman soon learned that she was pregnant twins.

She was overjoyed since even the doctors agreed that she would undoubtedly give birth to a son.

Two daughters were thereafter born. The mother learns that she is expecting twins even before she had a chance to process the shock of having girls once more.

Two more girls were born nine months later.

Augustine learns about her third set of twins, whom she already bears beneath her heart, when the youngest twins are 3 months old.

No amount of prayers could have saved her; she had two more girls.

Many mothers find Augustine’s everyday routine shocking. Not all females can handle it.

Depending on the age of each kid, she must prepare at least 8 different dishes, wash 40 times every day, send her older children to school, and perform other duties.

All this time, her spouse has been working seven days a week. He is working on a landscape.

The American woman is now on birth control, but the pair won’t stop there.

They continue to long for a boy. When the eldest twins are 4 years old, the couple hopes to have a kid.

I have no restrictions; if only they were males, I would love to have at least a dozen more kids.

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