True happiness cannot be affected by height: the adorable “fairy” family became the year’s favorite


Meet the Australian Worgans family, who became viral after posting their life story and pictures on Instagram.

The 27-year-old Charlie and her husband Cullen are a lovely pair who are overjoyed about their destiny.

They now have a wonderful daughter growing up and are also expecting a second child to complete their lovely family.

Given that they both sprang from elfin tales, Charlie and Cullen make a special “fairy” pair.

The attractive guy is 10 cm taller than his wife, who is 10 cm shorter than the charming woman, who is just 127 cm.

They succeeded in coming together, creating their wonderful fairy family, and living happily ever after.

Charlie considers herself fortunate to have such a devoted spouse and adorable daughter.

Even though they were concerned about carrying and giving birth to a kid, they were able to deliver their little princess quickly and without incident.

In an interview, she stated that their dwarfism never hindered them from living a normal life.

Charlie is now anticipating yet another miracle as they have called her Tilba.

Despite the fact that physicians have already identified a few health concerns for the unborn child, the couple remains optimistic.

Despite everything, they are certain that their kid will be delivered normally and healthy.

In order for them to completely enjoy their wonderful life together.

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