The pig and cat were saved together, and now they are inseparable best buddies


Have you met them? Lara the pig and Maria the cat may be seen in this photo.

They were both rescued by proponents of animal rights at the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary in Chile.

A kind stranger plucked Maria up from the street when she was a baby after coming to her aid.

The child, who was just a few days old, was clearly going to sleep till sunrise at the moment.

But the same thing happened to Lara. She was spared, given shelter, and yet she was born in a less than perfect place.

They hugged one other as soon as they saw each other in the sanctuary.

In the hopes that their actions may serve as a role model for others, we will also offer thanks to those who save our canine companions.

Because of the actions of others, so many of our little pets endure daily suffering.

Don’t you just think that this was such a wonderful tale? I think there ought to be a satisfying conclusion to every story.

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