A man raised a little cat, and it eventually outgrew his doggie


Nico was in a rush to get home after work because it was chilly and windy outdoors.

The small kitten stood in the way of him getting to his cozy house.

The tiny redhead was simply sitting in the center of the pavement while trembling hysterically from cold and anxiety.

The animal seems to comprehend that the kitten was tiny and difficult to notice, so it screamed out in agony to bring attention to itself.

Nico took the cat home in his arms.

The father had the idea that he would just warm and feed the infant before looking for a new home for it.

The cat was protected from the wind by Nico’s jacket, and the infant didn’t stop wailing until he was warm.

The kitten was warm, fed, and given a small cot by Nico in his new home.

The dad began to consider whether he should seek out a new home for the infant or keep him for himself after realizing how adorable and humorous the child was.

The infant was well-received by the dog that lived in Nico’s home.

The cat warmed up to him in just a few hours, and he quickly established himself as a kind and upbeat person.

After a few days, Nico had no doubts that the child would remain in his care.

The kitten was expanding swiftly and putting on weight. He was already lot larger than his ancestors were when they were that size at the age of one.

Nico made the decision to learn more about the breed of his pet, and an Internet search led him to believe that he had found a Maine Coon on the street.

Among their species, these cats are actual record-breakers. They can reach a height of a meter and weigh around 10 kg.

As time went on, the red kitten’s breed characteristics grew more and more obvious: his paws were stronger, his fur got longer and thicker, and tassels started to grow on his ears.

Even by the norms of his breed, Nico’s pet has grown to be rather huge.

The resident dog is significantly shorter and much lighter than the cat, which weighs 14 kg.

If the cat used to fit in the palm of his hand in the early days, it is now difficult to keep him in the arms for an extended period of time.

He has grown to be his breed’s biggest cat. Nico likes to spoil his pet and doesn’t restrict him from doing anything.

The cat uses the entire owner’s bed at night and just uses the bathtub to bathe.

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