How the Siamese Bachinsk twins look approximately two years after their separation


Lilya  learned she will experience motherhood once more in the spring of 2019.

Lilia and her husband Anatoly shared a hope of having a daughter because the family already had three males who were growing up.

In preparation, the couple had an ultrasound done, but it turned out Lilia was carrying Siamese twins.

The physicians felt that the infants could not be separated since their heads were attached to one another.

Lilia made the decision to give birth despite the physicians’ recommendations.

Although she was aware of how complicated the issue was, she had a feeling that all will work out in the end.

Abigail and Michaela, also known as Abi and Mika by their family, were born as twins on December 30, 2019.

The sisters were connected at the head as was to be anticipated. However, studies have revealed that the girls’ brains do not share many regions, which provided a significant opportunity for their effective separation.

Nearly instantly after the babies were born, planning for the future separation process started.

The specialists had to calculate everything in advance and set up the clinic, which took them around nine months.

Everything was prepared by October 2020.

At Hospital for Children in California, a whole team of 30 doctors oversaw the separation of the sisters.

24 hours were spent on the surgery. All went well in the end, as both daughters were found to be in excellent health.

The physicians gave the infants a brand-new life.

She spent time with the kids at the hospital for an additional six months following the procedure while young girls adjusted to their new lifestyle.

The Bachinsky twin girls are currently hardly distinguishable from their contemporaries, some two years after their separation.

They are just somewhat behind in terms of development, but they are catching up rapidly.

The girls have a few more treatments ahead of them, but they are already cosmetic.

Physicians are certain that Mika and Abi won’t remember being Siamese twins in a few years.

By the way, they welcomed a baby brother at the end of the previous year, and she once again became a mom.

He was given to the infant, who was very healthy.

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