A 110 cm guy had a baby. What does his kid, who is now three, look like now?


James, a British man who is 34, has accomplished a lot. He rose to fame as an actor and a popular TV presenter on the BBC channel despite being barely 110 cm tall.

James was confident and outgoing about his height since he was a young boy. He’d always regarded that trait as his greatest “highlight.”

He could be certain in any circumstance, regardless of appearance, because of his faith in himself.

The moment he laid eyes on Chloe, he said to himself, “She will surely become my wife!”

Chloe and James met on an odd date in the summer of 2014, which they still recall with a big smile on their faces.

After they met, the pair made the choice to eat supper at a cafe.

And when he, who is 60 cm smaller than Chloe and is 170 centimeters tall, joined her at the same table.

The server gave the girl the menu right away. Additionally, her buddy received a notebook and some pencils.

James was mistaken for a toddler by the waiter, who only realized his error after some time had passed.

Chloe and James were so close during this cheerful and filled with laughter and smiles evening that they instantly announced their relationship as a pair and began their wonderful adventure.

They exchanged vows in the summer of 2016. Approximately 80 people attended the event, but this rapidly expanded by almost three times.

This unconventional and distinctive ceremony drew a lot of attention from celebs and media figures.

The next morning, pictures from their ceremony could be found in nearly every major newspaper and magazine in the UK.

The lovely fam of James and Chloe soon became known to the entire globe.

The Lasted family discovered that a new member was on the way in 2018.

And they were quite happy to hear this news. James became a proud father in February 2019.

Olivia, a charming young lady, was born. Olivia was a healthy newborn when she was born.

Because James’ peculiarity was not passed on to her, she will soon surpass her dad in height.

Now 3 years old, the little child. Her parents frequently walk and cruise with her.

She frequently goes to the scene with James. The girl enjoys being captured on camera and is accustomed to having them around.

She could become famous one day too! Share with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.

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