The 187-year-old tortoise Jonathan was captured on camera in 1886 and today


People outlast most other animals, which is a recognized fact. However, tortoises are unquestionably the exception, and one of these was managed to live to a ripe old age of 187.

Jonathan, a gigantic tortoise, was born in 1832 and is presently the longest living terrestrial creature on the planet.

The tortoise presently dwells with the governor at the Plantation House on the island of Saint Helena.

It’s intriguing that a photograph of Jonathan from far back in 1886 exists and can be contrasted to the one he has today, much like a contemporary #187yearschallenge.

It’s interesting to note that the turtle was about 54 years old when the picture was shot.

Physicians have seen aging symptoms in Jonathan, and while he is still vibrant and brimming with energy, his senses of taste and vision are gradually deteriorating.

Since he isn’t eating enough grass anymore, Dr. Hollins provides him with a special diet that is higher in calories on a regular basis.

Typically, people outlive pets. However, tortoises are unquestionably an exception.

The animal, a gigantic tortoise from the Seychelles, is presently recognized as the worlds largest longest living terrestrial creature.

He was born in 1832, and he is currently 187 years old.

He dwells on the Saint Helenian island. He presently resides with the Governor in a plantation home.

It’s fascinating to contrast Jonathan’s current photo with one that was taken in 1902 when he was little.

Even at his advanced age, he is still vivacious and brilliant.

He is now, though, displaying age symptoms like gradually losing his sense of smell and sight.

Since he is no longer able to consume sufficient vegetation, he is given a special, high-calorie diet every week.

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