A tiny hummingbird flies into a woman’s workspace and cries out for assistance


Chloe, a New England-based artist, was startled to find company when she sat down for another day of work at her studio.

When she turned, she noticed a small, emerald hummingbird the size of her hand that appeared disturbed.

“I guess he came to seek me out for assistance,” she said to The Dodo. He flew overhead and stopped not far from me.

She had never really seen a hummingbird up close, despite the fact that she routinely saw them flitting around the neighborhood’s plants.

His attractiveness astonished her. But why was this little boy alone himself?

And so close to someone? She saw right away that guy must be in need.

She stated, “When I initially saw him in our classroom, I was surprised, but I also got tiny bit scared for him being able to see right away that he was trapped.

I was happy to be seeing a hummingbird up close, too, which was something I had in the back of my brain. It seemed to be a small fairy, indeed!

Rapidly preparing a sugar-water combination, Barcelou and her boyfriend spoon-fed the bird some of it.

The bird sipped contentedly. He opened his eyes after around two minutes. She observed the energy returning to his body.

There is a video of Barcelou assisting the bird. The bird finally drank what he needed and flew to the air.

She was happy to see her tiny friend back in the sky, where he deserved.

The next day the bird lingered contentedly about her house as if to thank her for helping him the day before.

She said, “That’s simply my own sense,” because it looked to be a similar bird carrying a signal.

The writer said, “It just seems natural that it would have reacted with a thank you.”

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