When Arby’s manager spots this lonely 97-year-old war veteran, he decides to give him an amazing surprise


This 97-year-old veteran walks into Arbi’s fast food restaurant every day and orders the same dish. There was no such day that he ordered something else. Employees got to know veteran Doug and wanted to know more.

When they learned more about him, they did something very touching and unique. Doug orders his “regular” food every day: a slider of roast beef with swiss and a drink for the elderly…

Some employees wanted to know more about the veteran because he is already an integral part of the restaurant.

They took a break from their busy schedule to sit down and ask him some sharp questions: They said they just want to know what made him return to this location?

The staff thought he would give a humorous response, but he reminded them to appreciate just what we have at the moment.

He said that this is the only place where he can buy a sandwich or anything else so that his stomach does not hurt.

He sits at the same table every day and eats the same thing because of stomach problems. Unfortunately, that was the only food he could eat.

The restaurant manager said that as soon as they see him at the door with walkers, they try to grab the doors for him. The manager worked there for 32 months and during that time Doug became part of their day.

As a veteran, he went through a lot, was in a nursing home, but he has no relatives! They all decided to do something special, who during World War II risked his life for his nation and received a $200 gift card for it.

He has no family, so the staff gave their phone numbers so he could call them when he needed help or support.

If one day he could not come to the restaurant, they themselves sent him his favorite food to his door. The manager made him an interesting offer: they decided to give him free food at their restaurant for the rest of his life!

Doug was also offered a free eye test and glasses from a local optometrist who stopped by a diner.

He was forgotten after he decided to risk his life in the 1940s! But fortunately, these people did such a sweet deed for him!

What a nice gesture for this decent guy who has served his people and deserves a free dinner. It’s nice to see this veteran being cared for and fed for free because, unlike many others, he deserves it! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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