Abandoned puppy had been rescued by a good samaritan and amazed everyone in the shelter


When he was only 10 months old, someone put him in a box and left him in a yard.

He stayed in the box like that for a whole day, hoping that someone would finally come to help him.

And happily, a kind man noticed him the next morning. That day was extremely hot, so seeing the dog without water and food, he could not pass indifferently and leave him without help.

Harvest remained in the crate all the way to the shelter.

When they got there, he just shocked all the animal control officers when he stayed in the crate all the way to the shelter.

They decided to leave the puppy still in its crate, thinking it might be paralyzed.

However, after some time, he came out of the box and hid in a corner. He spent a few more days in the shelter like that. He still did not understand where he was and was trembling with fear.

He had such a sweet nature that no one could pass by him indifferently. He started flourishing day by day.

A few weeks later, he was taken to his new foster home and in no time he showed all of his bright nature.

He was full of boundless energy runnidng around with his new siblings all day.

They are already looking for the perfect family for him, whereshe will continue to enjoy his life and we will continue to follow the new updates.

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