The stray dogs decided to take revenge on the driver because he decided to run over their friend who was sleeping there


Dogs can often be much more intelligent than we can imagine.

no matter how many people claim that animals cannot have emotions, this is not the case and we have been convinced of this many times.

They show by their steps that they also feel everything and feel sad, happy or excited just like us.

The heroes of this story seem to have decided to take revenge on the owner of the car, who did not allow them to lie down.

People say that sleeping dogs should be allowed to stay where they are, but it seems that there are drivers who have decided to ignore that advice and now have to “answer for their actions”.

The driver of this car decided to chase away a dog that slept in his parking spot and this is what the dog decided to do.

After some time, he returned there with a group of his very disgruntled friends to take revenge on the driver.

The group of dogs approached the car and started to chew the wipers, feathers and caused all kinds of damage that is possible.

If it wasn’t for the neighbor, maybe everything would have gone deeper.

The owner would not even know that the dogs are back and taking revenge.

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