The tiny puppy, whose mother had died in a car accident, was left all alone on the side of the road


The two women were walking down the street in the city of Rustavi, Georgia, when suddenly a small ball of fur caught their attention.

When they decided to get closer to see what it was, they saw that it was a helpless puppy.

At first glance it seemed about 1 month old. At first they thought the puppy was deed.

But when they touched the puppy, it started moving.

They both volunteer at a rescue organization called “Friends of Animals”. The baby was very weak.

He looked so desperate. He was on the way to starvation. It turned out that the dog had been hit by a car.

They were hoping to find the puppy’s mother, but when they approached some locals to talk to them, they told the puppy’s sad story.

The little puppy’s mother had died because of a collision and he was left completely alone.

So taking the puppy, they brought him home and tried to feed him.

He was underweight and desperately needed to gain weight.

With each passing day he became stronger and stronger and finally started to resemble a normal puppy.

Nine months later, he now lives with one of the organization’s members and loves to play and have fun.

He has become a very happy and sweet puppy.

This story will always remain in their memory as the most inspiring and emotional one..

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