John Cena has already mananged to fullfill 650 dreams of children with special abilities


The famous star John Cena, after leaving the ring or the movie set, goes on to make someone’s dream come true.

This wonderful person helps fulfill the dreams of children with serious illnesses.

He has been with the Make-a-Wish Foundation for 18 years.

This man has managed to make so many wishes come true during all his life that no other celebrity has done.

He has already fulfilled more than 650 wishes.

Everyone at Make-a-Wish loves Sena as much as he loves making children’s wishes come true.

The organization noted that children simply adore him and he is the most requested celebrity among them.

He often receives messages from different families who say how important everything he does for their children.

All that changes their whole life.

Sena helps bring joy and endless love to many families. The most important thing for him is that all these inexplicable feelings are mutual.

One of the last visits he made was to a 18-year-old boy with Down syndrome.

While talking to him, he said that Sena gave him the strength and courage to flee Ukraine after the terrible war began.

Sena met their family in the Netherlands, and the child’s mother told him that her son loved Swna so much that he had posted posters of him on his wall. It happened before leaving Ukraine.

Cena said during the interview that when he read Misha’s story, and not only Misha’s story, but also his mother’s, it meant a lot to him, it was going to be a special meeting, especially when it comes to meeting new friends.

He said that everything he does for children is his priority.

It doesn’t matter to him what he is doing at that moment.

Sena is ready every minute to leave everything and get involved in what he loves most in the world.

It makes him feel so happy and maybe not everyone can understand those feelings.

It is so nice to be able to give such pleasant emotions to people.

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