The famous Hollywood star gave an interview about his fight against alcoholism and depression, admitting he’s on his ‘Last Leg’ of acting


Perhaps it is so sad to receive such news about our favorite artists ․․․

Brad said in an interview that he is at the “last point” of his career.

The 58-year-old actor’s retirrement may actually happen sooner than we all could have imagined.

The famous actor has enjoyed his career of more than 30years in Hollywood.

In the interview, the star also talked about his decision to quit smoking.

Thoughts about his sobriety began in2016, when Jolie filed for divorce.

The famous actor also confessed that he attended anonymous alcoholics, where he had a wonderful group and it was private and optional, which means that it was also safe.

He noted that this actually gave him freedom and also the opportunity to discover all the ugly sides. There is so much value in it.

He also mentioned that he is so happy that he has finally finished it all ․․․

This was probably one of the most candid interviews Pitt has ever had where he talked about topics that have been hidden for many years.

You can continue watching the rest in the video below.

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