During the famous show Ellen DeGeneres and Megan Markle surprised a fan with $20000 check for her act of kindness


She will probably never forget the surprise she got on the famous Ellen show.

Brittany Sparks is a single mother who is the head of “A Twist of Greatness” company.

Her story was first spread on the Internet when she offered to braid the hair of children for free before going to school.

And one day during one of the episodes of the show, the woman suddenly heard her name. They asked Stark to join them.

At that moment, the woman’s excitement was simply indescribable. She could never have imagined that one day she would hear her name on that world-famous show. And of course that was just the beginning ․․․

Megan mentioned that they were very touched by the woman’s story and when she asked what especially inspired her to start doing iy, she said that it all started with a backpack full of clothes and also sch;ool supplies.

She had nothing at the time. , until she received her next salary, but she had to pay it back somehow. So she started braiding hair.

Starks said she later decided to post about it on Facebook, asking if there was anyone who would like me to braid their children’s hair for school..

And there were about 35 replies already. Although she worked in three places at the time, she devoted special time to each child.

The woman said her nonprofit company has already helped more than 160 children.

And here came the most exciting moment, and they handed the woman a $ 20000check, as well as a$ 5000 charity gift card.

Here you can watch the whole video. That was so touching.

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