The mother dog saved the life of the abandoned newborn and took care of him until someone hurried to help


The dog with a golden heart is Wey. She had just given birth to her puppies when she met someone who definitely needed help.

Wey has been living on the streets for a long time, but now that she has her puppies, in addition to taking care of himself, she also has to feed her babies, so she tried his best to take care of them as best she could.

It was already winter and everything was getting more and more difficult.

It was then that the dog found a baby, who had apparently been abandoned by his mother.

The dog immediately came to the rescue, realizing that the baby must first be kept warm. And here is what this wonderful creature did.

Wey took her pups one by one and carried them around the baby, and then he brought her body as close as she could.

The next morning, one of the residents heartd the newborn crying and when he went to check if there was a baby there, he was simply amazed at what he saw. He immediately called the police.

The child was immediately taken to a clinic and received medical care.

Doctors are simply convinced that without the heroic act of the dog, the child would not have survived.

The baby was named Santino, who was already feeling very well.

What happened just seems unbelievable. Thanks to Way’s excellent maternal care, the baby was saved.

Then the police was able to find the mother of the baby, who turned out to have eight children already.

She was immediately arrested who was accused of leaving the baby.

As for the hero mother Way, she was placed in a local shelter, where she will take care of her babies until they find a new home for them.

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