A very emotional moment took place when long lost brothers met each other again laughing and hugging each other


Recently, a wonderful event took place in Longleat Safari Park, located inGreat Britain, when the wonderful gorillas reunited after a long time of separation.

It was a very moving moment when, after such a long time, they metand hurried to hug each other.

All this is part of the International Animal Husbandry Program, the main goal of which is the population of animals.

The crew could not have imagined that they would remember each other after living apart for so long, and they were shocked by what had happened in a matter of seconds.

When they met, they hugged tightly, giving everyone wide smiles and emotions.

The staff managed to fix this exciting moment with a camera so that we could also have the opportunity to enjoy it.

The employees recently shared their impressions, noting that it was one of the most touching moments they have ever seen.

Everything was written in their eyes, when they saw each other again.

They were very lively and happy.

Now they can spend their days together again, where these kind and caring people will take care of them.

They seem to like being the center of attention. Such a wonderful moment.

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