The dog has become the angel of the orphan foal helping him to overcome the loss of his mother who had recently been euthanized


Everyone knows that dogs are extremely caring and compassionate animals, which have great defensive instincts and always feel the danger first.

They are also ready to help those who need it the most.

This is what happened to the heroes of this story, when a rescue dog came to the aid of an orphaned foal, becoming his guardian.

The S&K Quarter Horses org. once brought a horse, which after some time had to be euthanized because of deteriorating health.

It was very scary for her foal, who was only 9 days old. But his angel appeared unexpectedly, coming to save the baby.

Karla the director of the shelter told that the dog stayed with the foal all night, as if feeling that he needed help.

He began to comfort the baby as much as he could.

Dogs are very intelligent creatures that can feel someone else’s grief and do everything to help them.

Zip stayed with the foal for weeks, taking proper care of him every day.

After that, the foal has already grown a lot and thanks to his best friend has become a healthy and happy horse.

During that time, they also managed to become inseparable friends, who will never leave each other in difficult moments.

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