The two babies met at the most difficult time of their life helping each other to overcome everything


They met in the most difficult time of their lives. It was one of the most touching meetings.

They were both in very bad conditions when they met.

Through this story we understand what it means to find someone who comes into your life at the exact time and saves you in that difficult time.

The cat was found wandering alone in the street. As for the dog, the unfortunate baby was hospitalized because he was found in a terrible condition.

Even after the first treatment, he was blindfolded and could not even lift his head.

One of the shelter volunteers decided to bring the puppy home to take care of him.

After a few days little pup finally started to react and a little change was noticed.

As for the cat, Chiki, at first it seemed that she felt well, but after a while she started crying when she was left alone there.

There was nothing that they could do to help her. So one of them had an idea.

They decided to ‘introduce’ these two abandoned babies to each other to understand how they would react.

Maybe everything will turn out well. And that was exactly what they both needed.

They needed someone who would always be by their side and help them to overcome the bad memories of the past.

They needed someone they could “trust”. The meeting of these two was so unique.

From the first minute, they supported and helped each other. What the shelter staff did changed everything in their lives, and little by little, they were able to integrate into the new life.

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