Although he needed a home and care after serious operation, the homeless man refused to leave his faithful dog


When this homeless man, named Donald Dicerson, was offered shelter instead of his dog, he decided to choose his dog.

He knew best how difficult it was to have such a life. He just could not leave his beloved dog. They were very close to each other.

The dog’s name is Dude, and he loves his master as much as his master loves him.

The man has several health problems, but he also said that he will not leave his dog, because his dog was the only one that was always by his side.

Dickerson also needed immediate knee surgery to do replacement, as walking on his feet is very painful.

Therefore, the doctors told him that he should be moved to a place to live after the operation, because he still needs to be taken care of.

Unfortunately, the only place he could go to live was not allowed to take the dog with him, so he chose to stay with Dude instead.

However, all this did not end there. Lane Miller one day met him on Walkover Avenue. Seeing his status, he decided to help him by contacting many organizations.

He had high hopes that he would be able to help the poor man. So the Traiad volunteer center is now working tirelessly to find a place where the two of them can live together.

Just a shining example of boundless loyalty.

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