A Smart mother cat transferred her little kitten to the clinic to get a helping hand for her cub


Surely there is no love greater in this world than love of mothers.

This is true even for the animal world. We often think that animals don’t have the same emotions and feelings as we do.

But if we look more closely, it becomes understandable that animals are quite able of building strong family ties with each other, and this is a great example of this from our cat.

This mother cat has shown that she is ready to move her sick kitty to the hospital no matter what.

Merve Oujan took a few pictures of the mother cat approaching the medics, trying to get their attention to help her kitty.

It was sad that the little kitten was sick, but it was very magnificent at the same time, that the mother cat knew for sure where to go and get some help.

While the hospital staff did their best to help the kitten, the mother cat stood next to him, watching how people worked. They cared for the mother cat too, feeding a her while she waited for her cub.

When they found out that there was nothing serious about the kitten, they took both the mother and her baby to a veterinarian for appropriate care.

Pics of the cat and her kitten promptly spread on the Internet. The post done on Reddit received huge likes and coms,cause everyone admired the mother cat’s actions and care.

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