Stray cat lost his ears caused by infection, receives modern knitted pair, and finds forever home


Lady was a stray kitten who was saved by the Dane – County animal welfare society after they discovered that the kitten was having some trouble.

Unfortunately, after hospitalization, she had to remove the earmolds due to severe chronic infections and bruising.

Fortunately, an employee of Humane Society knitted a hat that looked like cat ears and gave it to Kitty to put it instead of her fallen ears.

Lady looked so cute with her new ‘ears’, and she really appreciated the gift.

The story of the lady was then posted on Facebook in the hopes of finding for her permanent home and the post quickly went viral.

People who saw her fell in love with her at once.

The lady was adopted by the kind-hearted owner less than 24 hours after they shared her story.

A few weeks later, the organization took care of her staff, and soon she found a new pair of ears and her perfect match, a permanent home and a decent person who will offer her a lot of care and a heart full of love.

The lady can hear perfectly, although she has no ears, and she is still a very happy and kind cat. She enjoys ironing and stroking everyone she meets.

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