The parable of the two wolves. You will only read for 20 seconds, but you will not die in life


I was 34 years old when I said that I no longer loved me and decided to desert.

Before that, we had been living together for 12 years. We didn’t have children, my husband was sure his problem was with me. In addition, over the past few years, the weight has increased by several kilograms, it would not bother me if my husband did not remember the need to follow a diet.

I was offended by my husband’s hints, I probably had even more stress, and I was more nervous… But I didn’t realize all this.

For several months after the divorce, I was depressed. Throughout the whole time, a close friend gave me strength and hope. No matter how he claimed that my ex-husband is not the only man in the universe, I thought that if I lose weight, I will bring him back.

Over time, everything got better. With the help of specialists, I was able to become balanced, therefore, having understood, I began to eat, got rid of a lot of complexes. Two years later I got married, and a few months ago my first child was born.
I learned from my friends that my ex-husband also got married, they have been together for two years, but they have no children… and I don’t think they ever will.- Every person throughout his life leads an internal struggle. :

“Like two wolves,” the boy asked, his face beaming with childish curiosity:

Joy, peace, love, hope, virtue, generosity, truth and faith,” the sage replied:

– And which of the wolves wins? – the guy asked, and in three of them he is very worried.:

– The one you feed always wins – the elderly man replied and smiled:

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