Love knows no age: a fascinating glimpse into the life of a 52-year-old and her 25-year-old African spouse


Natalia’s unexpected love story began when she met Paul on a friend search site.

At 52 years old, she had never imagined that she would fall in love with a man 27 years her junior.

Their relationship blossomed through frequent Skype calls.

Paul, working as a remote programmer, and Natalia, being retired for quite some time, found solace in their conversations.

Natalia, living with a disability, rarely ventured outside her home.

Over the course of three years, their long-distance connection grew stronger, and Paul introduced Natalia to his entire family.

In the fourth year, Paul surprised Natalia by paying for her plane ticket to his home country.

His family warmly embraced Natalia, and after a week of being together, Paul proposed marriage.

Without hesitation, Natalia agreed! The couple celebrated their love with two weddings.

The first took place in Africa, while the second was held in Natalia’s hometown of Cherepovets.

The first celebration was grand and magnificent, while the second was a more intimate affair shared among close friends.

To be with his beloved, Paul made the bold decision to move to Russia.

Initially working as a tractor driver, he eventually transitioned back to freelance work, significantly improving their financial situation.

In 2017, Natalia and Paul welcomed twins into their family, naming them Daniel and David.

The joyous occasion attracted more than three hundred well-wishers, friends, and family who gathered beneath the windows of the maternity hospital.

Paul fully embraced the Russian way of life, embracing the Orthodox faith and attending church every Sunday.

He also developed a fondness for the traditional Russian bathhouse.

Paul’s mother, too, grew fond of Russia and even spent a few months assisting with the care of the twins.

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