When a guy first sees his girlfriend without makeup, he immediately runs away!


Lupita Anaya, a social media celebrity from Mexico, issued a challenge to the lady to take off her makeup in exchange for a reward of 2,000 pesos (107 dollars).

They weren’t prepared for the challenge’s outcome, though.

Social networks are increasingly being used as a platform for numerous issues and trends, such as paying users for fulfilling particular activities.

Influencer Anaya went up to a couple in Baja California, and inquired about their interest in taking on a special challenge.

The lady deliberated the situation before making a choice.

Although she was first apprehensive, the lady took the challenge to take off her makeup in public.

She was successful because of her partner’s drive and the possibility of winning the cash reward.

She started taking off her makeup with damp wipes, starting with the hardest to get off region—the eye area.

It took a long, and she even wiped off a good portion of her brows while she talked about how this was the initial occasion that her lover had seen her without makeup.

Christian, the boyfriend, observed the challenge closely but kept quiet.

She was pleased that the contestant had taken off all of her makeup after she completed the task.

But the lady and the influencer soon understood that something wasn’t right.

Christian left her side and did not reappear in the plaza, leaving the young woman all by herself.

When her lover was no longer visible in the footage, the girl called out his name and looked for him.

She worriedly enquired, “What about him, where is my partner Christian?”

The lady kept searching for her spouse, her uncertainty obvious.

Oh, don’t tell me he left, he left me because I took my makeup off? she questioned, wondering whether he had left her because of her makeup-free appearance.

I was aware of it. “challenge completed, single once more.”

Despite receiving her monetary reward, the lady appeared dissatisfied.

As many netizens were horrified by the sights, the video immediately acquired popularity.

Supporting the lady who had apparently been abandoned by her partner, users expressed their views.

They offered her guidance and compliments. Numerous others also voiced their comments regarding the woman’s partner: «Aaaahhhh, but she looks gorgeous without makeup… with and without makeup…

She is incredibly attractive. Additionally, she appeared really attractive, and I didn’t understand why he left.

Although internet users were curious about how the narrative would go, the full effects of the cosmetic challenge on her relationship were kept a secret.

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