Bird hunt blitz: put your IQ to the test and spot the hidden bird in just 15 seconds!


Find the bird concealed between the rocks in the image to test your IQ using an optical illusion.

The concealed bird may be located in 15 sec by those with above-average intellect.

As per studies, a normal human brain may see things or images differently depending on the viewing angle.

These tests are often wacky, changing-form representations of an object, a drawing, or a person that mess with the brain’s understanding of reality.

Including mental, physiological, and physical ones, there are many distinct kinds of optical deceptions.

Due to their potential to provide details about your worldview and intellectual level, these tests commonly occur in psychoanalysis examinations.

This time, we’ve created a fantastic optical illusion graphic where you have to find the bird that is concealed in the picture between the rocks.

The following image is a challenging puzzle that was created as a brain teaser for both adults and kids.

The rocks in this optical illusion are brown and grayish. A bird, though, is concealed among the rocks.

How quickly can you discover the bird hiding in these rocks? is the puzzle’s test for the audience.

Finding the concealed bird between the rocks is the more difficult aspect of this test.

Thousands of people have been perplexed by the photograph as they try to identify the elusive bird it contains.

This optical illusion picture is just one more entertaining IQ exercise.

Yet, the best technique to determine your IQ level is to take an official IQ test.

Try to find the elusive bird concealed between the rocks in this optical illusion photograph by paying great attention to it.

Although it might seem too difficult to see the bird, if you look at the bottom right corner of the picture, you can see it.

The bird’s plumage, wings, and body parts have been artfully masked by the rocks.

It has been said that if you can find the concealed bird within the cluster of pebbles in the image in less 15 sec, it may be a testament to your exceptional intelligence.

Studies show that the more you engage your brain by solving difficult puzzles, the brighter you get.

We can learn some fascinating things about how our brains work through optical illusions.

Our brains can frequently be tricked into seeing things that aren’t there by particular combinations of color, light, and patterns.

So tell us, could you spot the fake bird hidden inside this test.

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