Following a significant makeover, a mother who has worn a beehive for 37 years appears decades younger


Every Wednesday at 5:30 a.m., Joan Irvine got out of bed to start the four-hour process of arranging her hair into an appearance that would last for the whole coming week.

For almost 40 years, Joan was confined to the 1950s. She never went without her characteristic beehive hairstyle.

She almost raised it as her own child.

Joan employed numerous brushes, four different types of rollers, layers of hairspray, and a ton of hairpins to create the most flawless beehive conceivable.

She used so many hairpins, in fact, that she once postponed a trip out of concern that she may trigger the airport metal detectors!

The Oprah Show staff was pleaded with for assistance by Cindy and Christine, Joan’s irate children.

Despite the fact that Joan was just 63 years old at the time, the family believed that everything about their mother’s appearance, from her salt-and-pepper hair to her all-denim and all-khakis outfit, was outdated and only served to make her look older.

Her cosmetics didn’t feel up to date either.

In the film, Joan ultimately goes through a remarkable change that brings her modern and significantly makes her look much younger.

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