The homeless man trimmed his hair, but he had no idea who he was when he glanced in the mirror. Yet his family helped him…


Until they read a social media post of a homeless guy who transformed his life, the family of a man who went missing believed he had died.

Family members finally fulfilled their lifelong dream five years later.

This is a case when a fresh perspective genuinely alters people’s lives.

Brazilian artist and entrepreneur Alessandro Lobo met Joao Coelho Guimares, a filthy homeless guy, in the middle of December in the city of Goiania.

He was near the barbershop and clothes business owned by Lobo. According to Universo Online, instead of attempting to frighten the man away, the man volunteered to help him and enquired as to whether he needed food or clothing.

The visitor, on the other hand, requested Alessandro for only one thing: a razor.

The benevolent and moved merchant decided against giving Joao the tool.

Instead, he instructed him to to the barbershop, where he got his hair trimmed, his beard shaved, and his clothes on.

He was quite reserved and bashful, yet we could see he was content.

The guy said, “After that, he expressed his gratitude to us.

Afterwards, Lobo published the outcome of his labor on his Instagram page.

A pretty nice transformation had been made in the man. Yet, the man wasn’t content to merely discuss his achievements.

He also wanted to demonstrate to other company owners the value of giving to those in need as frequently as possible.

Alessandro was unaware that his actions at the time would actually alter someone’s life.

When the businessman’s tweet was spread on social media, his mother and sister Joao, who had believed he was dead for a while, were able to see him.

The women immediately phoned Lobo and requested him to assist them in locating a relative who lacked an address or other means of contact.

The proprietor of the company was able to learn that Guimares vanished twelve years prior.

His relatives concluded that he was deceased after a protracted search.

This is what they believed until they saw Alessandro’s book.

They could have discovered the truth sooner, though, if they had searched more carefully on Fb and TikTok, which have since saved more than one family.

His mother and sister Maria went to the businessman’s store the day after the homeless guy transformed to hunt for Joao.

The family eventually came back together after a lengthy search.

Alessandro was able to take part in the joyful occasion as well, and he was just pleased that his noble gesture had such an enormous effect.

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